Just a few of the many quotes from parents of children who attend …

Our son did very well in his GCSE exams. We are very grateful for the assistance from The After – School Learning Centre in this, even though we came at a very late point into the process we feel that his attendance at the Centre really helped him. He will be taking A – Levels at QE Boys in the following subjects: History, Art, Design and English.”Anna

“Hakan has accepted Latymer to do his A-Levels. He has chosen to study A – Level Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Hakan’s success was due to the teachers at The After-School Learning Centre and your management. Thank you for helping Hakan over the years. As a result, he obtained GCSE Grade 8 in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and GCSE Grade 7 in English. “Oya

“Corben and I wanted to thank you all so very much because Corben passed his GCSEs. He’ll be studying at A – Level: English Literature, Music Technology and Media at Grammar. Thank you for getting him exam ready! “Cathy

“I scored a Grade 7 in English Literature and a Grade 9 in English Language. Thank you for tutoring me and for helping me to achieve my dreams of getting accepted at Woodhouse College to study A – Level Maths, Psychology and Biology. “Keshvi Patel

“Just writing to let you know that Phoebe achieved Grade 8 in GCSE English Language and Grade 7 in Maths. She could not have achieved this without your help. Phoebe is now going onto study A- Level Chemistry, Economics, Maths and Biology.”Misrak

“Wow … what can I say? I am gobsmacked and overwhelmed as I stare in delight at Alexander’s A – Level results: A Star in Further Mathematics, A Star in Mathematics and A in Astrophysics. Due to all your help Alex has gained a place at Imperial College London to study for a degree in Computer Sciences and Physics.”Larisa

“Thank you for all your support and kindness over the years in preparing me for the Eleven Plus exams. I have learnt many new new things from the wonderful teachers at The After-School Learning Centre. I wouldn’t have done done half as well without your help.”Vaia

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me for five years. I have met many wonderful teachers who have helped me in my GCSE and A-Level studies and I appreciate the hard work everyone has done at The After-School Learning Centre. I wish you all the best of success. Again, thank you from my family and I will visit to tell you my A-Level results.”Karen

“I would not have been able to get this far without everyone at The Learning Centre helping me to pass the eleven plus and to achieve a place at Latymer School. Thank you for helping me to reach my dreams! My parents say: thank you for all your support and guidance.”Yaqub, Ziahrin & Zarir

“Thank you for helping Priscilla and Angelina achieve their goals. Especially in helping Angelina to pass and gain acceptance at St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School and for Priscilla managing to get into the top Maths set at secondary school. Everything is greatly appreciated.”Mr & Mrs Jamous

“Just thought I’d let you know Nicholas did a science exam on Monday at school and he achieved 28 out of 30 so I’m happy he is moving in the right direction and it’s given him confidence.”Eva

“Thank you for the extremely constructive feedback. We are really pleased with how happy our child was after the first lesson.”Steven and Maria

“Just to let you know that Cameron did extremely well in his GCSE Maths exam. He got an A and says that he was 5 marks away from an A*. Thank you to you and Cameron’s teacher for giving him such valuable support.”Debby (Proud mum)

“Joanna passed all of her GCSEs and we are very proud of her achievements. She attained strong results in English, Sciences and Maths and will be continuing her studies in 6th form. Florentia will continue with her Maths lessons as normal. Thank you so much for the support you have given Joanna in all the wonderful years she attended The Learning Centre.”Katie

“Kerry did fantastically well in GCSE Maths achieving an excellent Grade 9 (215/240). Thank you so much for your help, it paid off and got the grade she wanted. We cannot thank you enough.”Dora

“Thank you so much to all your wonderful team for the support and hard work with our son Klaudiasz. I would now like to register our younger son for lessons and for Klaudiasz to start A-Levels at The Learning Centre.”Stella

“I love praising The Learning Centre and can’t stop recommending you to my friends and family for all the wonderful work you are doing with our son in English and Maths. So my Sister in Law, who is a Primary School teacher herself will be contacting you for Eleven Plus English and Maths for one of her children and GCSE English and Science help for the other.”Mrs Haday

“My son who has dyslexia with auditory and visual delay had weekly Saturday English Language and Literature classes to give him confidence and improve his grades. His December 2016 mock exam results were English Language, Grade 3 and English Literature, Grade 2. With the help of The Learning Centre, he achieved English Language Grade 4 Merit and English Literature Grade 5. This is an amazing achievement for him. I’m so very proud and relieved. I have no doubt and my son also agrees that without The Learning Centre and my son’s hard work, this would not have been possible. I highly recommend the additional two hour sessions and The GCSE Easter Revision Classes too. My son found The Learning Centre really helpful in helping him to develop an understanding of the GCSE questions and he gained excellent study skills.”Mandy

“Dear The Learning Centre Team, thank you for the passion, enthusiasm, kindness and discipline. Thank you for supporting Michael with his GCSE English learning.”Natasha & Family

“Thank you for giving me great confidence and for developing my knowledge. As a result, I am now attending a brilliant Grammar School. Thank you to all the incredible teachers at The Learning Centre. I used to go other centres and they were too busy marking and there was nobody to help, which frustrated me. Help is on tap immediately at The Learning Centre. It’s almost as if the teachers can read my mind and and are ready to assist, even before I ask my questions. Consequently, I learn quicker. The work I do is harder and a level above school work so it helps me prepare for when the teachers get round to doing it at school.”Ahmad Sesay, Aged 12

“Beatriz is very pleased with the teachers at The Learning Centre. They are excellent. Well done for the high level of teaching!”Lucie Neves

“We wanted to share some good news with you. Sophia has been moved up to Set One in Maths. We are very pleased with her progress as when she started at The Learning Centre she was in Set Three. With your help she has done ever so well and her hard work and effort has been recognised by her school. Thank you for all your support and for giving Sophia the confidence she needed.”Mr & Mrs Sifonios

“Nathan attended the half term GCSE revision classes and found them really helpful – thank you! In fact he found them so useful we wondered whether you have any spaces or opportunity for further GCSE Science revision classes either one to one or as part of a small group? Could you let me know? And thanks again.”Susannah Rees

“Thank you for all the help and support you provided Michael with over the past five years of primary school. It was great seeing Michael improving in all English and Maths topics.”Heidi Adamson

“Thank you so much for all you have done for my three children over many years. They have all achieved excellent results from attending The After-School Learning Centre. Two of my children are now studying at university. My middle son is going to Bristol to do Dentistry. My family are extremely grateful and we wish you all the very best.”Nita Patel

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have provided for both our children and also myself with the advice and support you have given from the start.”Mrs Arti Bhagat

“Dear After-School Learning Centre team. Thank you so much for all the help and advice you provided to our son Jeram and to us as parents. Your support was invaluable and we are sure Jeram would not have succeeded in his GCSE English and Maths without your help. Thank you again and we wish you all the best for the future. We will be highly recommending The After-School Learning Centre to all.”Mrs Dave

“My wife and I would like to thank The After-School Learning Centre for the work with our son. When he first came he was unable to write much more than half a page. The turnaround in such a short time is breathtaking; even his school teachers commented on the dramatic improvements, which is clearly tangible in his SATs scores. The tremendous improvement in his writing is a testament to the teacher’s commitment to learning. We look forward to further continuation in his development.”Dr Cohen